Friday, January 24, 2014

Rules of Engagement by Joe Weber

Rules of Engagement by Joe Weber - 399 pages

Rules of Engagement is the book that is the prequel to a novel I read earlier this month, Targets of Opportunity.  In this book, we see the beginnings of Brad Austin's military career and his loan to a Naval carrier-based F-4 squadron.  The first half of the book consists of one dogfight after another; thus a slow start.  Then once the middle is reached, the story picks up.  Brad meets and falls in love with a girl on leave.  While on a mission, he ignores the rules of engagement that set the tone for the beginnings of the Vietnam War.  The latter half of the book deals with the fallout of these events.  Throughout the novel, we see the comradery between the squadron mates, especially his radar intercept officer and fellow pilot Nick Palmer whom is the other lead of Targets of Opportunity.

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