Monday, January 20, 2014

Marbeck and the King-in-Waiting by John Pilkington

Marbeck and the King-in-Waiting by John Pilkington --- 201 pages

The second is a new series of historical novels by the prolific British author and dramatist. This new series features the adventures of Martin Marbeck, an "intelligencer" or clandestine agent for Sir Robert Cecil, Secetary of the Privy Council during the latter reign of Elizabeth I.

In this adventure, Elizabeth has died, and her designated succesor, her cousin James VI of Scotland, is traveling to London for his coronation as James I of England. But there are many dissidents who dispute James' right and seek to prevent his accession. Cecil  and his agent Nicholas Prout are already aware of one well-financed plot, by Catholics who propose to place the Infanta Isabella of Spain on the English throne. Marbeck uncovers another possible plot when he attempts to recover the son of his paramour, Lady Celia Scroop. Young Henry Scroop has abandoned his studies at Oxford and fallen under the influence of a notorious Puritan zealot called Isaac Gow. Marbeck suspects Gow plans to make use of Henry in some way to strike at King James. Marbeck also needs to reinstate himself in the good graces of Master Secretary. Well researched and competently written historical fiction, covering the early seventeenth century transition from Tudor to Stuart rule.

This book is preceded by Marbeck and the Double Dealer; a third volume, Marbeck and the Privateers is in the works. Check out Pilkington's website by clicking HERE.

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