Friday, January 31, 2014

Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas

Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas, 449 pages (plus notes)

Boring would be the best word to describe this book. It has a promising storyline but maybe it's just that it has been done too many times. Prince Titus is told by his seer mother that he will die for an elemental mage that will take down the Bane and Atlantis (ruling tyranny). He is to guard said mage and protect them at all times so they can become what they were destined to be. The mage comes in the form of a young teen girl, Iolanthe, who has been raised by her guardian flitting from place to place as he loses job after job. He cautions her to not use her magic so freely but she doesn't heed his words. She draws lightning from the sky which in turn calls the attention of the prince and the inquisitor of Atlantis. Prince Titus rescues Iolanthe and, as he has already created a fictitious persona, "Fairfax" for her at his school, forces her to dress and behave as a boy and attend school with him. From that point on it is a slow dance as everyone at the school believes they know "Fairfax", who has been gone from school for 3 months to recover from an injury. Toss in games of cricket, reliving fairytales inside a book to develop Iolanthe/Fairfax's magic, and the constant threat of Atlantis discovering who Fairfax really is... and you pretty much have the whole book. Very slow moving and no satisfying end. I did enjoy the notes at the end of the book, however. I guess that's something.

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