Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Masters of Sex by Thomas Maier

Masters of Sex by Thomas Maier- 415 pgs

Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson were pioneers in the area of sex research and conducted this research at Washington University in St. Louis.  By observing thousands of couples in the throes of passion, Masters and Johnson were able to disprove long held beliefs about sex.  Later, they expanded their work to include counseling couples who were having problems in the bedroom.  The pair moved from a research team to a married couple.  The book goes through the work and private life of the couple who brought sex out of the bedroom and into the mainstream.


  1. Does the book talk about their breakup later in life? I wonder how much of the television show is based on truth, guess I have to read this book to find out!

  2. It does talk about their breakup. I would say the show romanticizes what actually happened. Makes it more dramatic.