Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers, 387 pages
(2nd book in His Fair Assassins series)

Dark Triumph focuses on Sybella's life more so than the historical facts of the time. Sybella has been raised by a monster of a father and has experienced all forms of abuse at his and her brothers' hands. Her story grips you to the soul as you experience the madness that touches her mind from being forced back into the life she thought she was free of upon becoming one of Death's handmaidens -- an assassin for the god Mortain. The abbess of Mortain has sent Sybella back to the very hell she came from. Her mission - to discover what her cruel earthly father is up to and how it can harm/help the cause for Duchess Anne. We first met Sybella in the first book Grave Mercy. I'm thrilled that this book was dedicated solely to her though we did get to visit with all the characters from the first book. From Sybella's cruel past to her most awesome future, this was a fantastic read. I have to be careful to not give too much away. The romance, mystery, murder, cruelty, compassion and loyalties that Sybella discovers in her story are well worth the read. I was very thrilled that the Beast had a role to play in Sybella's story as well. He was a very strong and like-able character in Grave Mercy -- deserving of some attention to his own story.

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