Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Black Helicopters by Blythe Woolston

Black Helicopters by Blythe Woolston, 166 pages

Sick and twisted this book reads like you are in the head of a person with schizophrenia. Valley lives with her mom, Da and brother Bo in the wilds - or so you get the impression. They are survivalists living in the modern USA-- Although at some points it feels apocalyptic. Da is definitely not all there and teaches his children to be violent people who fear/hate the government. When the mom passes away, he blames it on the government. Everything that goes wrong is the government's fault. Bo is an odd ball. You get the impression that he might not be all there mentally or at least lacks a moral compass entirely. Valley is treated poorly by those around her. She is physically, emotionally and sexually abused. The extreme sexual abuse gets pretty descriptive at a certain point in the book and she is forced to watch it play back on video by her abuser. Most readers will find child pornography and child molestation very disturbing and should avoid this book. We watch as Valley slowly drifts into the world where her life no longer matters and she becomes a suicide bomber by her own choice. The book is bleak, sad, horrible, and shows just how sick and twisted a mind can become when subjected to extremes. There are no happy endings, no answers ... just complete chaos and confusion until the end.

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