Sunday, December 29, 2013

Across the Great Barrier by Patricia Wrede

Across the Great Barrier by Patricia Wrede, 339 pages
(book 2 in Frontier Magic series)

The 13th child, Eff, we previously met in "The 13th Child"is back again for the second time. This time she is a young adult still struggling with her magical skills and ready to graduate high school. When her twin brother (the 7th son of a 7th son) pushes for her to attend a magic university, Eff insists on going to work instead for the local menagerie and as an assistant to one of the professors of the local school of magic. When trouble again brews across the great barrier, Eff is called upon to travel with Wash and the professor to discover the cause. Before she can leave, however, an urgent message arrives concerning her twin, Lan. Will her magic finally work the way it should in time to save her brother and the settlements? The story meanders slowly through Eff's life and interactions. Once again, the story is very detailed oriented about the "Wild West" and the settling of the land. The true action is not reached until the last few chapters of the book.

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