Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Spider-Man/ Deadpool vol.3: Itsy Bitsy

Spider-Man/ Deadpool vol.3: Itsy Bitsy  136 pages

Take a little bit of Spidey and a touch of Deadpool, take away the Y chromosomes, blend it all together and what do you get? Peter Parker and Wade Wilson's worst nightmare -the murderous, mixed-up miss named Itsy Bitsy! The "daughter" of our two heroes is stronger than them, faster than them and has seriously creepy daddy issues - but what crazed mind could have conceived of her in the first place? As the body count begins to rise, somehow Spider-Man and Deadpool must work together to take down Itsy-Bitsy -and the person who has been pulling their strings from the start! But how is a trip to Weirdworld going to help wash that spider out?

I had to skip vol.2 since none of the branches own it so I may have missed some things but they were still a great as ever. 

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