Monday, August 7, 2017

DIGITAL WINTER by Alton Gansky

Digital Winter by Alton Gansky - 491 pages

I'm not very good at book reviews.  I read one on Amazon which is how I felt about the book.  I grew bored with it, possibly because I recently read an end-time sort of book where everything goes black and folks have to rely on their wits to survive.

Take one savant kid who can only say about 6 words, plunk him in front of a keyboard, and watch the world go dark continent by continent. But, some nations are getting their electric grids up and running pretty quickly and the United States isn't one of them. Seems that they have some shadowy other-worldly help. I won't give the plot away but you'll be introduced to old scratch and his merry band of shadowy demons, and the man who is soon to be ruler of the world.

I like Alton Gansky but some of his other books are just better to me.

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