Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Played! by Michael A. Kahn

Played! by Michael A. Kahn --- 230 pages

Michael A. Kahn is an intellectual property attorney, a professor at the Washington University Law School, and a mystery novelist best known for his Rachel Gold series, and occasionally for other mysteries with attorney protagonists. All his stories are set in St. Louis and/or Chicago, and part of the fun is identifying persons, places, events and customs unique to those locales as they show up in his books.

This latest tale is one of the "other" mysteries not part of the Rachel Gold series but always featuring at least a cameo appearance by her.

In "Played!" the story revolves around a nerdy workaholic attorney intent on bringing down a personal injury shyster who's been running a double scam for years, cheating both the insurance companies he sues on behalf of his injured clients, and then cheating his clients on the money he collects from the insurance companies.

Unbeknownst to our legal champion, his gullible younger brother, sidelined by a motorcycle injury from the pro baseball career he dreams of, has gotten involved with the shyster's third wife, who needs a fall guy to get around her prenuptial agreement by staging her own kidnapping and collecting ransom money in place of a divorce settlement.

Kirkus Reviews says: ". . .the spectacle of these ornaments of the Missouri bar attacking, undermining, and double-crossing each other provides brisk, sprightly entertainment, and the hapless defendant’s baseball background comes into play just when it’s most needed."

A great read to enjoy in a cool place on a hot summer day with a glass of something frosty at hand.

Click HERE to read the full review from Kirkus Reviews.

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