Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dream Lake by Lisa Kleypas

Dream Lake by Lisa Kleypas - 375 pages
A Friday Harbor Novel

Zoe's life is about change as her grandmother has just been diagnosed with having had several mini-strokes and alzheimers.  She's determined to bring her grandmother to Friday Harbor to live with her.  This means having Alex remodel her family cottage.
Alex is going through a particularily rough patch right now.  He's in the middle of a nasty divorce.  His business went belly up when the economy tanked.  And worst of all -- he's acquired a ghost that won't leave him alone.  Now the ghost is pushing him to admit his feelings for Zoe as well as the ghost's relationship to Zoe's grandmother.

This was the best of the Friday Harbor novels so far.  It seemed to have much more depth than the previous two books.  It also lived up to it's paranormal romance description more than the others as the ghost was a main character in the story.

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