Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Babes in the Wood by Ruth Rendell

The Babes in the Wood by Ruth Rendell
(Chief Inspector Wexford Mystery #19)
325 pages / 12 hrs, 9 mins

"With floods threatening both the town of Kingsmarkham and his own home and no end to the rain in sight, Chief Inspector Wexford already has his hands full when he learns that two local teenagers have gone missing along with their sitter, Joanna Troy. Their hysterical mother is convinced that all three have drowned, and as the hours stretch into days Wexford suspects a case of kidnapping... But when the sitter’s smashed-up car is found at the bottom of a local quarry–occupied by a battered corpse–the investigation takes on a very different hue."--from the publisher

This is the first Rendell book I've read, and I thoroughly enjoyed her writing.  Chief Inspector Wexford has a solid reputation with the police department, but Rendell includes his cynical musings and emotional outbursts to round out his character.  I plan to read another in the series--maybe start at the beginning.

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