Monday, June 12, 2017

No Middle Name by Lee Child

No Middle Name: The Complete Collected Jack Reacher Short Stories by Lee Child --- 418 pages

This book includes all eleven previously published Jack Reacher short stories plus a bonus: the lead story in the book, "Too Much Time," comprises the first three chapters of Child's 22nd Reacher novel, The Midnight Line, due to be published next November.

Through these stories we get to see Reacher grow, from boy to man. In the story "Second Son," Reacher's father Stan, a Marine captain, wonders what his son will become,

"The kid was going to be huge. He was going to be an eighth of a ton of muscle. . .He had no trigger either. . .Reacher was permanently jammed wide open on full auto. . . The smart money brings a gun to a knife fight. Reacher brought a hydrogen bomb."

In "High Heat," 17 year-old Reacher, on his own in New York City, goes to the aid of a federal agent and helps get the evidence to arrest a mobster; has a memorable close encounter with a co-ed from Sarah Lawrence; and comes up with key evidence that will help identify the Son of Sam Killer --- all during the night of the famous 1977 blackout.

If it were anyone else by Jack Reacher, you'd be rolling your eyes by now, but Reacher is a well-established brand in macho fiction. Most of all he's just so much fun to read. No matter where he happens to be Reacher is a magnet for trouble. In the years since the series began he has grown older. Experience has left its marks on him, body and soul. But as a force of nature --- uncompromising, predatory, honest, principled  --- he remains simply irresistible. This is escapist fiction at its best.

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