Monday, June 26, 2017

NECESSARY LIES by Diane Chamerlain

Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain -597 pages

In the early sixties, paternalistic doctors refuse to prescribe The Pill for women. One even tells our heroine she doesn't want to go into social work, that she should stay home and raise kids. Luckily, our heroine is made of stouter stuff and doesn't listen to her doctor. Or even to her new husband, also a doctor who's trying to fit in with the country club set.

Otherwise, she'd never have met the other heroines of the story: two poor young girls whose future looks hopeless. The eldest has had an illegitimate child, the younger is close on her heels.

This was an interesting story about someone who wanted to go into social work but her new husband didn't want her to.  The marriage was in trouble.  Meanwhile the wife finds poor people with a bleak future but two young girls really touch her and she intervenes in their lives....losing her job and even facing jail time.

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