Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Running Blind by Lee Child

Running Blind by Lee Child
(Jack Reacher book 4)
496 pages / 13 hours, 45 minutes

The FBI is stuck in their investigation of a series of "perfect" murders.  No evidence is left behind, there is no sign of a struggle, no obvious cause of death, and the women are found immersed in green paint in their bathtubs.

That is actually a pretty inventive setup, but the story was not believable for me.  The FBI is portrayed as completely amoral; threatening the lives of innocent civilians in order to catch the killer.  SPOILER alert!  Also, hypnotizing victims to kill themselves was just too far-fetched.  Another complaint I have is fooling the reader into thinking the killer is male.  My first thought was that the murderer is female, but then the narrator used masculine pronouns describing her.  (Does that kind of thing bother anyone else?)

Some of the dialogue between Reacher and the FBI dragged.  I would have skimmed through those parts, but I was listening on CD.   The book was just okay for me; definitely not one of my favorites in the series

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