Saturday, May 20, 2017

Convergence by C.J. Cherryh

Convergence: A Foreigner Novel by C.J. Cherryh --- 324 pages

Number 18 in Cherryh's Foreigner space opera series.  Although one might assume that the 18th novel is a series of linked trilogies could perhaps be the grand finale, Convergence feels like a transition instead.

There's a definite sense that Cherryh is moving her focus to a new generation of the atevi-human relationship. Two species forced by circumstances to share a world, have slowly evolved a partnership that allows them to work together. Now that alliance will be tested as they move out into space and meet other species, who may be more or less neighborly.

Convergence  runs two parallel story tracks: in one, Bren Cameron, the paidhi-aiji, has been sent by Tabini-aiji to explain the treaty with the kyo to the human government of Mospheira, and to negotiate the resettlement of the Reunioner refugees from the space station to Mospheira. In the other, Cajeiri, Tabini's nine-year-old son and heir, has been sent on his first solo assignment, a visit to his Great Uncle Tatisiegi, Lord of the powerful Atageini clan. Officially, Cajeiri is on a holiday. But the holiday is cover for a political mission.  Uncle Tatisiegi and Tabini are trying to repair the lingering damage from the plot that tried to overthrow Tabini and destroy the atevi alliance with humans. It's particularly delicate, because the man behind the plot was a relative of Tabini's consort and Cajeiri's mother, who is also the estranged niece of Tatiseigi.

This is probably not the novel to introduce new readers to the Foreigner series. But for faithful fans who have followed the series for 23 years, the intricacies of the universe Cherryh has created is part of its fascination.  Convergence will whet their appetite for more.

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