Monday, April 10, 2017

Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore

The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore, 408 pages

Jill LePore, a professor of American History at Harvard and a staff writer on the New Yorker, writes a fascinating book of how Harvard professor, William Moulton Marston created Wonder Women in 1941.  This book is essentially a biography of Wonder Woman.  Influenced by the women's suffrage movement and feminism, and also by his wife Elizabeth Holloway and Olive Byrne (who also lived with the family).  Marston was a psychologist, lawyer, inventor, and an advocate for women.  He is also credited with creating the systolic blood pressure test, an integral part of the modern day polygraph test.  This book also includes many early pictures of wonder women.  This was a very fascinating read!

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