Friday, March 31, 2017

The You I've Never Known by Ellen Hopkins

The You I've Never Known by Ellen Hopkins, 590 pages

In this latest book written entirely in prose by Ellen Hopkins, there is so much going on with the main character, Ariel Pearson.  Not only is she just trying to be a normal teenager trying to fit in at school and on the basketball team, but Ariel and her Dad, Mark, have been on the move her whole life.  Now they are living in a place Ariel can finally fit in.  She has her best friends Monica and Syrah. Ariel finds herself falling not only for her friend Monica, but also falling for her Dad's girlfriend's nephew Gabe.  But, when an accident happens to a fellow student that throws Gabe and Ariel in the middle of rewards and publicity of being heroes, Ariel's life takes a tumble.  What she thought was her life with her Dad after her mother left her as a small child turns out to be something much more when her mother comes back into her life and tells her the real truth of who she is.  Not only does Ariel finds herself dealing with changing relationships, she finds out her real birthday is September 11th.  This book is very long, but well into the middle the reader is trying to guess the tie in between the back and forth narrations of Ariel and Maya McCabe.  Read and find out!

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