Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Promise: A Christmas Tale by Ted Dekker

The Promise: A Christmas Tale by Ted Dekker-64 pages

This is a story about a mute boy named Reuben who is abandoned and abused by his "legal guardian" in a shepherds' camp in the time around Jesus' birth. He carries with him only his adoptive mother's shawl and her promise that he will someday meet a king in need of the shawl that will give him a voice. It is a story about how Jesus got his swaddling clothes and how the shepherds came to find and worship baby Jesus. I enjoyed reading it just as everything I have read of Ted Dekker's thus far. Dekker has been my favorite author for a while and continues to be. I have read many good and great books, but no author has captured my attention and imagination and made me think critically like he has.

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