Sunday, March 5, 2017

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman and The Norse Myths by Carolyne Larrington

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman --- 297 pages

Gaiman, one of our master storytellers, here presents his own idiosyncratic and compelling re-telling of the great Norse myths, in a voice both contemporary and resonate with their Eddic origins.
The only thing better than reading this book is listening to Gaiman read the audiobook version.

The Norse Myths: A Guide to the Gods and Heroes by Carolyne Larrington --- 208 pages including a bibliography and index

Larrington is professor of Medieval European Literature at Oxford University. She has written guides to various mythologies geared to the general reader, as well as books connecting popular fantasies like Game of Thrones with their folkloric and mythological roots.

Her book tells about the Norse myths and what is know about their origins and connections to the history and culture of the people who inhabited ancient Scandinavia and Iceland, and their continuing influence on western culture.

Both books are highly recommended. Click HERE to read a joint review of both books from the Washington Post and HERE from Library Journal, and HERE from The Economist (UK).

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