Thursday, March 9, 2017

False Impression by Jeffrey Archer

False Impression by Jeffrey Archer
384 pages / 10 hrs., 56 min.

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in New York on 9/11, a young Romanian-American art expert, Anna, has an opportunity to save the estate of an unsuspecting British widow from her bank's unscrupulous tactics.  As she travels to London, Bucharest and Tokyo she attempts to stay a step ahead of the bank CEO and the assassin he placed on her trail.

But Anna doesn't know the FBI has been investigating the bank for some time, and they are struggling to interpret Anna's actions.  Is she part of the bank's schemes, the CEO's hired assassin, or working independently?

The book is well written with strong characters.  I enjoyed the action and drama, and listening to the reader's accents that included Romanian, American, British, Japanese, and a Texan.  I had a little trouble with the premise that Anna and a coworker could be concerned about the bank's client in England, and put together a brilliant plan to help her even as the dust is settling, literally, from the twin tower attacks.  That said, it's a good story that I'd recommend as a vacation or weekend read.

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