Monday, February 27, 2017

The Inheritance by Charles Finch

The Inheritance: A Charles Lenox Mystery by Charles Finch --- 294 pages

Tenth volume in the mystery series set in Victorian London, with a former member of Parliament who has thrown over politics in favor of a career as a private detective.

Charles Finch is contacted by an old school friend who is visitng London because of an unexpected and mysterious legacy. To his surprise, Finch learns that Gerald Leigh has become a celebrated scientist, invited to speak to the Royal Society about his work with microbes. But for some reason Leigh is being pursued by two thugs from one of London's most notorious street gangs; he's been attacked and narrowly escaped twice already. Not surprisingly, Leigh is ready to chuck London, the legacy, and the Royal Society, and return to his travels. But when the highly respectable solicitor who was handling the details of the legacy is found murdered in his chambers, Leigh relectantly agrees that the situation merits further investigation.

The Lenox series is notable for its attention to the details of life in Victorian London, from the privileged life of the upper classes to the desperate poverty of the slums.  An enjoyable read for fans of the classic British mystery.

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