Friday, January 6, 2017

No Man's Land by David Baldacci

No Man's Land by David Baldacci
432 pages or 11 hrs., 37 mins.

This is the fourth in a series, and while many series start to be tedious and unimaginative at this point, John Puller is going strong.  Special Agent Puller takes on the challenge of investigating his mother's disappearance because his father has just been accused of her murder...30 years after the fact.  As Puller revisits his childhood neighborhood trying to spark memories and find clues, a strange threat is closing in on the same spot of real estate, but for a very different reason.

Baldacci does a great job of telling what appear to be two different stories that converge for a pretty plausible tale and a dramatic ending.  Puller's colleague/part-time love interest, Victoria Knox, reappears in this book, and the relationship retains all the animosity and attraction that keep it interesting.

Once in awhile I found the dialogue predictable, but not enough to keep me from thoroughly enjoying the tale.  My question is:  When is someone going to make these into movies?

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