Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Elvis Presley: Unseen Archives by Marie Clayton

Elvis Presley: Unseen Archives by Marie Clayton, 383 pages

Elvis Presley would have celebrated his 82nd birthday on January 8th, 2017, so it seems rather appropriate to read an Elvis book to remember his turbulent life.  This book was fascinating and filled with over 400 pictures of his life; including, the time he spent in the Army, photos of his family, members of the Memphis Mafia, and many of his famous costars.  Each chapter starts with a summary of that particular time of his life.  The book begins with his birth.  Although, I am sure I knew this, but had forgotten, Elvis had a twin who was stillborn.  The book touches on how close he was with his parents especially his mother.  It details many of his films and his not so healthy lifestyle in the 1970s.  Elvis had a wonderful life that ended tragically too soon.

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