Monday, November 21, 2016

An Irish Country Love Story by Patrick Taylor

An Irish Country Love Story (#11 in the Irish Country series)
by Patrick Taylor (unabridged audio - 13.5 hours)

First, let me say the reader of this series is fantastic.  He does men and women equally well, and uses specific accents according to each character's home county and station in life.

Set in Ireland in the 1960's this "love story" is really many love stories.  It is a celebration of love between friends, family and romantic couples, and also love for a community, a vocation, a cherished home, and even pets.

Country doctors Fingal O'Reilly and Barry Laverty serve the quaint village of Ballybucklebo.  After a truck runs off the road and through the dining room window of their home/medical office, the village council decides to straighten that portion of the road.  The extra land needed will have to be acquired from the Presbyterian Church or Dr. O'Reilly's property, and the Presbyterians aren't budging.  Of course, Dr. O'Reilly won't go down without a fight.

A lost pet, a serious heart attack, and wedding plans are also part of this heartwarming (great for the holidays!) read.  P.S. - It will be more meaningful if you read the other books first.

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