Friday, September 30, 2016

The Tumor by John Grisham

The Tumor by John Grisham (Kindle Edition)-67 pages

I downloaded this to my Kindle since it is free and decided to read it on a whim after finishing the three Pottermore Presents Hogwarts short stories collections. It is a somber read as it is a fictional (but all too realistic) story about a 35-year-old dad and husband, Paul, who is diagnosed with a brain tumor and goes through surgery and many other horrific things before succumbing to the glioblastoma after less than a year. The story then has an alternate ending with Paul getting Focused Ultrasound therapy, a new and developing treatment for many diseases including brain tumors. He gets this treatment every few years and survives ten years after initial diagnosis. The book is essentially propaganda for this new, supposedly revolutionary treatment. Overall, it was a decent, if somber read.

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