Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu

The Dark Forest: The Sequel to The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu; translated by Joel Martinsen --- 512 pages

This is classic "hard science" science fiction, driven not by plot or character but by scientific speculation. It's dense and difficult to read, but once you are hooked by the ideas you can overlook the stereotype characters and the contrived plot elements. Cixin Liu's view of the universe and extraterrestrial life is bleak, disquieting and compelling.

Cixin starts with the "Fermi Paradox," as formulated by the distinguished scientist Enrico Fermi, which basically asks why we've yet to make contact with other intelligent life out there in the universe.

In Cixin's universe Earth does make contact with an alien civilization, Trisolaris. The dark forest is the universe, and the law of the hunt prevails. When I started the book it was hard to get through 50 pages in one sitting, but I read the last 200 pages almost without stopping to breathe.  The final book in the trilogy is Death's End.

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