Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Revenge in a Cold River by Anne Perry

Revenge in a Cold River: A William Monk Novel by Anne Perry --- 306 pages

Book No. 22 In the long running Victorian mystery series by Anne Perry.  Thirteen years ago William Monk was seriously injured in a carriage accident and lost all memory of his life before that time.

What he has managed to glean from those missing years reveals a man who was smart, arrogant and ambitious. He is not proud of that man. Since then he has learned humility and has tried to become wiser and more compassionate. He has a wife he respects and loves, an adopted son, friends and the men he leads as Commander of the Thames River Police.  They have helped him make a new and better life for himself, one he does not want to lose. But a shadow from those missing years has reached out now to snatch away everything he has gained.

An official in the Customs Service harbors a deadly grudge against Monk and will do anything to destroy him. And Monk is fighting blind, not knowing what happened or why, only that nothing will satisfy his enemy until he sees Monk disgraced and condemned to the gallows.

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