Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Widowmaker by Paul Doiron

Widowmaker by Paul Doiron - 320 pages
Mike Bowditch Mysteries - Book 7

A mysterious woman appears in front of Main Game Warden Mike Bowditch's house to try and get his assistance in locating her missing son who may or may not be tied to Bowditch's past.  Bowditch has finally got his life in order both professionally and personally after many reckless years so he is hesitant to dive in, but eventually circumstances somewhat force his hand.  The hunt for the missing man takes him to the ski country of his youth and puts his resolve to the test. 

The plot in this book is fairly straight forward but I don't read this series for the mystery.  It's a great read because of the way the author treats the landscape like a character on its own, and everyone that Bowditch encounters is fully fleshed out with an interesting back story that makes you want to know more.  I'm always happy to dip into this world and am looking forward to the next one. 

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