Monday, July 18, 2016

Earthborn by Orson Scott Card

Earthborn by Orson Scott Card -- 430 pages

This is the conclusion of the Homecoming Saga, and of all the books, this was probably my favorite.
The only character from the previous books is Shedemei who, wearing the cloak of the Starmaster, watches over earth from the Starship Basilica, gardening the earth like she had in the dream that the Keeper of Earth sent her before she left her home city. But she has a pressing desire to know just who and what the Keeper of Earth is. It seems to have remarkable power, but only sometimes utilizes it. And besides that burning question, she is also tired of being alone and ready to be one with the humans again.
On earth, things have turned corrupt. Angels, Diggers, and Humans alike have difficulty getting along and each is persecuted by the others at different times. When the religion of the Keeper is challenged and starts to break down, evil breaks out on whole new levels.
And is the Keeper even there?

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