Thursday, June 2, 2016

Star Wars: Bloodline (Star Wars Canon) by Claudia Gray

Star Wars: Bloodline (Star Wars Canon) by Claudia Gray-341 pages

I enjoyed reading this more than I enjoyed Aftermath, although I did enjoy Aftermath. Bloodline is set a few years prior to The Force Awakens and follow's Princess Leia's last months as a member of the Galactic Senate of the New Republic. Additionally, it uncovers some of the origins of the First Order and shows how Leia came to be leader of The Resistance. The political climate is eerily similar to that of today in that there are two main parties, Populist and Centrist, that distrust each other and, for the most part, will not work together. However, Leia (a Populist) and another senator named Ransom Casterfo (a Centrist) are able to get past their partisanship and work together for a while. Han is in the book, as well, though in more of a cameo role. Luke and Ben are only mentioned, so as to not reveal the mystery behind the beginnings of Ben's downfall to becoming Kylo Ren and the founding of the Knights of Ren. I am sure we will find out more in Episode VIII, although I can hardly wait. Overall, Claudia Gray makes an intriguing, captivating book with what she was given to work with. I would definitely recommend it to fans of Star Wars, especially those who enjoyed The Force Awakens.

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