Saturday, December 5, 2015

Legend by Eric Blehm

Legend by Eric Blehm -288 pages

Roy Benavidez had a poor and anger-filled childhood in Texas, but was able to channel that anger into the determination needed to become a career Special Forces soldier serving two tours in Vietnam. This book details a 1968 mission on Roy's second tour when he volunteered to help extract a surrounded recon team and earned his nickname and a belated Medal of Honor. The author provides a clear account of what was a chaotic and bloody mission that cost the lives of several brave men and left Benavidez badly wounded. Because the mission took place covertly in Cambodia, and an essential witness was believed to have died, Benavidez was not considered eligible for the Medal of Honor for many years. This is a harrowing book illuminating a man who was dedicated to helping others no matter the cost.

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