Friday, November 6, 2015

Spurious Correlations by Tyler ViGen

Spurious Correlations by Tyler ViGen - 190 pages

I came across an ARC of this book and thought it looked hilarious.  It contains correlations between unrelated information -- with the graphs to back it up.  For example, one correlation is that the number of Nicholas Cage films per year is related to the number of deaths by drowning in a swimming pool.  None of the data is actually related, but it is hilarious to make the connections.  The book also gives a fact or two about one of the data points with each graph.  For example, the graph comparing honey-producing bee colonies in the US to nuclear weapon stockpile in Russia gives the information that it takes 800 bees life-time work to fill one honey bear.  This was a great, fun read during my lunch break!

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