Monday, October 26, 2015

Harrison Squared - Daryl Gregory

Harrison Squared - Daryl Gregory - 320 pages

What more could you ask of a book than to tell the absorbing tale of a young guy living on the brink of orphandom by way of giant squid attacks?

Nothing.  That's what.

I've never been too into Lovecraft and the like, but this book made tentacle terrors fun, and made just about a million oceanic horror geekdom (yes, it's a thing!) references along the way.  It was funny, emotionally engaging, and thoughtfully-written, too, which is a great bonus.

I blew through this book in one sitting, and you might, too.  It was one of those fantastic reads that takes a hard left about halfway through, and even thought you kind of see it coming it may be a shock.  Trust your instincts and go along with Harrison even when things get weird; that tingling in your leg is telling you something and it's best to trust your instincts all the way to the soggy end.

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