Saturday, September 19, 2015

Secondhand Souls by Christopher Moore

Secondhand Souls: A Novel by Christopher Moore --- 335 pages

Secondhand Souls, is a sequel to A Dirty Job (2006), and continues the adventures of the Death Merchants, the folks who collect and resell the souls of the departed — and their battle to keep the forces of the Underworld from taking over San Francisco.

Our hero, Charlie Asher, died in A Dirty Job, but his soul lives on in a 14-inch tall meat puppet that was put together in a hurry from spare animal parts and lunch meat by the arcane powers of Charlie's Buddhist nun girlfriend, Audrey.

Then there's Mike Sullivan, who paints the Golden Gate Bridge for a living. One day Mike is confronted by the 223-year-old ghost of a beautiful Spanish girl who is pining for the lover who never came back to claim her.  She tells him the bridge is crowded with thousands of ghosts of lost souls, waiting to be rescued. By Mike. All he has to do is find and foil the Ghost Thief.

And I haven't even mentioned Charlie's seven-year-old daughter Sophie, who happens to be the Luminatus, the Ultimate Death-Dealer. Sophie is guarded by two immortal Hellhounds, Alvin and Mohammed. Or the Taser-wielding banshee who is suddenly keening death and destruction all over town because Charlie's old adversaries, the Morrigan, are back with a mysterious yellow stranger in tow.

Christopher Moore is NOT --- I repeat --- NOT for everyone, but if you enjoy no-holds-barred, wickedly deranged black comedy, you will not find anyone better.

Click HERE for a review from the Dallas News.

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