Friday, September 4, 2015

The Dreaming v.1 by Queenie Chan – 175 pages

The Dreaming v.1  by Queenie Chan – 175 pages

Twins Jeanie and Amber are taken to a remote boarding school in the Australian outback, where their aunt is headmistress.  Though threatened by the harsh vice-principal, they make friends, and learn the school has a mysterious history of students vanishing without a trace.  Jeanie and Amber begin to have eerie dreams, dressed in Victorian clothes amidst trees in the woods.  Dreams and the school’s disturbing history begin to collide when one of their friends vanishes, and they find themselves in the forest that surrounds the school, searching for her.  What this manga lacks in sophistication of character art, it makes up for in very good background artwork, adding to the gothic atmosphere.  The artist’s background of growing up in Australia also gives it a different flavor than other manga.  I like the classic ghost-story feeling of The Dreaming, and am impatient to find out what happens in the two remaining volumes.

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