Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mars v.9 by Fuyumi Soryo – 200 pages

Mars v.9 by Fuyumi Soryo – 200 pages

Rei thinks it’s too much of a struggle for he and Kira to stay together.  He goes out and parties into the night while Kira sits up by his apartment, waiting to talk to him and try to get him back.  Rei realizes he’s been acting stupidly, and catches up to Kira on his motorbike after she’s started home, and been bothered by thugs.  Rei and Kira are able to get back together.

Kira’s stepfather confronts her about Rei, and tells her not to see him.  When he grabs at her, she panics and bludgeons him on the head with a clock.  Thinking she’s killed him, she flees to Rei’s apartment.  Her father survives and asks to apologize to her for overreacting about Rei, but Kira decides to start a new life with Rei, and moves in with him.

Kira’s disturbed behavior and what she tells Rei sheds new light on her character, and it was a dramatic jump ahead in the story to get a better look at the feelings she’s been keeping hidden, and how they will manage together from now on.  I’m ready to pick up the next volume in the series.

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