Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mars v.4 by Fuyumi Soryo - 176 pages

Mars v.4 by Fuyumi Soryo - 176 pages

A complication in the form of an old girlfriend, Shiori, emerges to challenge Rei and Kira’s relationship.  Shiori is determined to get Rei back, and when Rei plays along with her manipulation, Kira has difficulty standing up for herself.  Shiori first dated Rei’s twin Sei, but Rei stole her away from him.  More details and more questions come forward about Sei’s motivation to commit suicide.  Shiori and Rei both feel responsible for Sei’s death.  But, Rei’s missing memories from the time of the event return, and he can tell Shiori the truth to absolve her guilty feelings.

Kira reminds Rei of Sei, but he makes it clear and reassures her that she isn’t a substitute for Sei.  Kira, by having Rei pulled away by Shiori, learns how to better voice her needs in the relationship.

“Please don’t get fed up with me,” Rei asks of Kira.  “I’m not a good, nice guy…  I’m reckless, I have no integrity, and on top of that, I’m a player and I’m stupid…  But please be with me.”  Kira is beginning to know Rei better than he knows himself, and it’s likely that their romance will last for a long time to come.

While there was more typical romantic goings-on in this volume than action, it did reveal important details about Rei and Sei’s past, and introduced new characters to broaden the range of storytelling.

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