Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kare First Love v.2 by Kaho Miyasaka – 187 pages

Kare First Love v.2 by Kaho Miyasaka – 187 pages

Karin tries her best to deny her feelings and avoid Kiriya, but by will or fate, he keeps showing up in her path.  When Kiriya rescues her from her jealous rival Yuka, Karin and Kiriya declare their love for each other.  Even when playing the piano for him or going on a date, Karin feels dorky and nervous, afraid of what others think of her.  “I want to be myself, I just don’t know how,” she confesses to him. 

Kiriya asks her to go on a summer trip, but Karin’s mom puts her in summer school.  Stressed trying to study and live up to her mother’s expectations, she doesn’t want to go home, but also wonders if she shouldn’t break up with Kiriya.  Things come to a head when Karin faints from exhaustion at home.  Kiriya finds her and takes her to the hospital, and Karin’s mom shows her a more caring side.  The trip is still on, and by the end of the volume, Karin believes summer is just getting started.

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