Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bambi and her Pink Gun v.2 by Atsushi Kaneko – 208 pages

Bambi and her Pink Gun v.2 by Atsushi Kaneko – 208 pages

“Hey, Pampi, do you know what a camel is?” Bambi asks him.  “Do you know what’s inside that hump?  Well y’see, it’s an extra-dimensional pocket!  If you go in, you go out another camel’s hump!  When disaster strikes, the nomads, like, rip open the hump and go inside.  That’s what they call desert wisdom…  If this were a desert, and if this car was a camel, I’d just as soon pass on all the rough stuff…”

Despite her lament, Bambi doubles down on blood and gore in the second installment of the story.  She shoots her way through a western town to rescue Pampi from Mama’s Clan of cowboys, ending in a kerosene-and-shotgun fueled duel with the giant peg-legged Mama.  The duel is topped by what comes next: a truly fantastic, epic chase scene with Bambi and Pampi’s car boxed in by massive big rigs.  When vengeful truckers aren’t enough to destroy her, the Gabba King hires the Silver Mask, an immortal, decomposing wrestler, and the book ends in a cliffhanger showdown between the Silver Mask and Bambi. 

Adversaries will be wreathed in flames.  Mr. Pei impersonators will lose their heads.  Camel humps will be opened.  The action at times becomes so dense and close-up its hard to follow, but keeps topping itself as the story advances, until the final pages are soaked from white to red.   Viva Bambi.

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