Friday, August 28, 2015

Until Tuesday by Luis Carlos Montalván

Until Tuesday by Luis Carlos Montalván -- 252 pages

Tuesday's training started when he was three days old. Every detail of his young life was intended so that he would one day be a service dog. He was never trained by the same person two days in a row, and was taught to serve the person holding the leash. So when he changed facilities and programs, there was only one person training him, and he bonded to that person quickly. Then they left, and then the next person left, and Tuesday's enthusiasm was gone. He was disappointing as a service dog with a mind of his own. He didn't trust anyone to stay with him anymore.

Luis served in the military for seventeen years, and when he was finally honorably discharged, his body and brain were broken. Traumatic brain damage and a cracked spine and Luis could get no where. He swallowed half a bottle of pain meds a day and drank constantly, trying to keep the pain and memories away. He could hardly walk down the street because of extreme PTSD and avoided trains and subs at all costs.

Until Tuesday is the story of how two broken spirits came together and healed.

This story is heart-breaking, heart-warming, exciting, and insightful. I'd recommend it to any person who ever had even a slight interest in service dogs.

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