Monday, August 31, 2015

August Reads Heather

The Bad Beginning 162 pages
 Lemony Snickett
 Okay, so if you ever feel bad about yourself or the way your life is going read these. It will cheer you up so much and make you feel really bad for these kids. I know it's fiction but my gosh this author is twisted!

The Reptile Room 190 pages
 Lemony Snickett
 Book two in the Series of Unfortunate Events. Please read the above review, more of the same and I think I'm done with these. Too much misfortune.

Kiss of the Rose Princess vol. 4 173 pages
Kiss of the Rose Princess vol. 5 174 pages
 Aya Shouoto
 A cute little reverse harem, we have more artificial rose knights and a new princess introduced.

Kitchen Princess (Omnibus 1-2) Vol. 1 387 pages
Kitchen Princess (Omnibus 3-4) Vol. 2 380 pages
Kitchen Princess (Omnibus 5-7) Vol. 3 565 pages
 Natsumi Ando and Miyuki Kobayashi
 This is a really cute story line with some yummy treats! There are a few nice simple recipes after each volume.

Black Butler vol. 20 176 pages
 Yana Toboso
 Ciel fights with his inner demons as his servants and Sebastian uncover the truth behindThe Emerald Witch.

A School For Unusual Girls 336 pages
 Kathleen Baldwin
 Another cute story about how small things can change history and finding  place to fit in when you aren't what society sees as normal.

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