Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dexter Is Dead by Jeff Lindsay

Dexter Is Dead: A Novel by Jeff Lindsay --- 286 pages

In the eighth and final book in the popular series, Dexter Morgan, mild-mannered forensics technician by day and sociopathic serial killer by night, finally gets his comeuppance when he's arrested for murder --- framed, ironically, for a murder he didn’t commit --- in the process losing his wife, his kids and his sister Debs' loyalty. The one thing his adoptive father Harry had drilled into him --- the unbreakable bond of family --- is shattered.

Then Dexter discovers there is one familial bond that is still holding. His birth brother, Brian, shows up with enough cash to pay for Miami's highest powered criminal attorney to take Dexter's case. Unfortunately, Brian is himself a homicidal maniac, even more damaged by their shared childhood trauma than Dexter.  And the money he is lavishing on Dexter's defense happens to be money he stole from a Mexican drug lord who will stop at nothing to get his revenge.

A satisfying finale to a blackly humorous series --- and much better than the television series loosely based on the books in my opinion. 

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