Thursday, July 16, 2015

An Exchange of Gifts by Anne McCaffrey

An Exchange of Gifts by Anne McCaffrey - 94 pages

Princess Meanne has run away -- from her family, her betrothed, and her life of empty meaning.  She runs to a long deserted cottage determined to live life growing herbs and selling them.  Luckily she meets Wisp, a young boy who has also run away.  Together they resolve to work together to make new and better lives for themselves.

This is a short story by Anne McCaffrey.  I've read both the Pern series and the Rowan series by McCaffrey and really enjoyed them.  I think she does better at longer books.  There just was not enough time for the characters to be developed.  I also think it was rather obvious what Wisp's gift was from early on in the story.

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