Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Skull Throne by Peter Brett

The Skull Throne by Peter Brett - 704 pages
The Demon Cycle Book 4

I was looking forward to this book because I like the series a lot but it's starting to drift in the same way many epic fantasy series do a few books in when the author seems to be extending past their original plan.  There are too many characters and the world is being broadened so far that that the overall plot is very slow to advance because all the time is spent checking in on disparate storylines.

Arlen and Ahmann Jardir disappeared during a fight to the death so there is no one left to take the Skull Throne to lead the fight against the demons.  There is intrigue in both the North and the South as those left behind try to rally their forces and power to take control and be the next Chosen One.  The Demon Cycle is an extended metaphor that references the Crusades and other conflicts between Islam and Christianity with the Atheist perspective thrown in for good measure.  I hope the next book gets the story back on track and focuses more on Arlen and his mission to take the fight to the demons in the Core.

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