Saturday, May 2, 2015

Miss Julia Lays Down the Law by Ann B. Ross

Miss Julia Lays Down the Law by Ann B.Ross --- 307 pages

The 15th book in the popular Southern cozy series set in the picturesque but fictional town of Abbortville, North Carolina. Connie Clayborn, a know-it-all newcomer, has all the local ladies, including Miss Julia, in an uproar over her proposals to redevelop Abbotsville and make it a tourist destination. But before Connie can harangue the ladies into action, she is found dead in her own kitchen by none other than Miss Julia herself, who had gone to see Connie at the behest of Pastor Ledbetter, whose wife, Emma Sue, has been overset by Connie's strictures.

Much to her dismay, Miss Julia finds herself heading the list of suspects, and is hampered in clearing her name by a promise of confidentiality she rashly gave to Pastor Ledbetter, who has now taken to avoiding her. 

With her husband Sam called out of town, and her lawyer, Binkie, preoccupied --- Binkie's husband Coleman is proposing to raise funds for a local charity by spending several days camped outdoors on top of a billboard by the highway --- Miss Julia is left to cope on her own.  She decides to conduct her own investigation with the assistance of an amiable vagrant. Unfortunately her efforts only land her in deeper trouble, from which she manages to extricate herself only after much hilarity.

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