Monday, April 27, 2015

The Farm by Rob Smith

The Farm by Tom Rob Smith - 352 pages

Daniel's mother who has retired to Sweden with his father, suddenly and unexpectedly shows up at his apartment in London frantic, disheveled, and with quite a long, rambling mysterious story to tell him involving a missing person and a conspiracy to get her committed to a mental hospital. Meanwhile, his father calls from Sweden to explain that his mother, Tilde, is not well, and hasn't been for some time. Daniel has not actually seen his parents in awhile, and has never visited the quaint, rural farm they retired to, mostly due to wanting to hide his lifestyle from them. As the story unfolds, the reader is unsure which parent's version of events to believe, as is Daniel. This is mostly a page turner, but I think it does slow just a bit in the middle. The fast pace picks right back up toward the end when Daniel decides to go to Sweden to figure out his Mother's rambling story himself. What he finds is not at all what you'd expect. Loved the ending! 

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