Monday, April 20, 2015

Secret Song by Catherine Coulter

Secret Song by Catherine Coulter - 371 pages

Secret Song - Catherine CoulterRoland de Tournay is a landless knight whose dream is to buy his own land and home. He knows what keep he wants to buy and is earning the money to buy it. He accepts a job from Damon le Mark to rescue his niece from the Earl of Clare.

Daria of Fortescue, niece of Damon le Mark was promised to wed. On the journey to her betrothed her escorts are murdered, she is kidnapped and taken to the Earl of Clare who wishes her for his wife. She has no desire to marry at all. Several weeks after her capture a new priest is installed at the castle and Daria immediately feels drawn to him. The priest is Roland whose expertise is his ability to masquerade. He frees Daria. Several days later he takes ill with a fever and she must now nurse him back to health. During his fever she allows him to make love to her, planning to never tell him. The Earl has been tracking them and Daria takes Rolands horse and leads him away from where Roland is staying. She is taken back to the castle. A couple of months later Roland again rescues her and takes her to King Edward who is journeying in the area.

Daria is pregnant and Roland marries her believing that the Earl of Clare is the father and not believing her when she tells him that he is the father. He cannot remember making love to her because of the fever he had at the time. Both the Earl and her uncle are furious at the marriage and set out to gain revenge. Daria's dowry is huge as her father had been an Earl himself and left everything to her. Roland is now able to buy his keep. They argue constantly because he believes her a liar. He does however bring her mother to live with them. Daria's mother is filled with her own secrets regarding what Daria's father was really like and also who her real father really was. With the help of Daria's mother and Roland friends many secrets are revealed before Roland comes to believe Daria and they find happiness.

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