Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Invisible by James Patterson and David Ellis

Invisible by James Patterson and David Ellis, 399 pages

In typical James Patterson fashion, this novel does not fail to shock and awe. The novel seems innocent enough, drawing the reader in with a who done it. The story begins with FBI researcher Emmy Dockery trying to make a connection between her sister's tragic death in a fire and other similar fires across the United States.  Is there a serial killer on the loose, burning people in their beds?  Teaming up with top FBI agent Harrison Bookman (Emmy's former fiance) and the FBI, Emmy is determined to link her sister's killing to hundreds of other similar cases across the country.  Some shocking evidence ties the killings together proving it was no accident but murder. How could one person be capable of such horrendous crimes?  The twists get creepier and creepier, but yet draw the reader in until the very end.  This novel is typical James Patterson.  It does not disappoint in thrills and suspense.

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