Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fallout by Ellen Hopkins

Fallout by Ellen Hopkins, 665 pages

Fallout is the third and final book of the Crank series. Unlike the first two books, written from Kristina's perspective, this book is entirely written in the perspective of her children.  In the first book, Crank, Kristina gives birth to her son, Hunter.  In the second book, we find out she is expecting a second child, which is revealed was a daughter.  The story continues with another daughter and two more sons.  Only the two youngest live with Kristina. Hunter seems to have the most stable life being raised by Kristina's parents. His other siblings were not so fortunate. Drug addiction is not only the problem of the addict, but it also adversely affects everyone in the family.  It is never one person's problem.  Kristina's children have to fight their own addictions, all the result of Kristina's lifelong addiction to meth.

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